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Practice Areas

Bennett & Pressley is a great small firm choice in Nashville, Mt. Juliet, and surrounding cities and counties for highly confidential, competent and experienced representation in a wide variety of business, commercial, and real estate matters.  The Bennett & Pressley attorneys are highly accessible and responsive.  They are known for producing high quality work while meeting the urgency of time needs of clients.  The Practice Areas listed below are many of the key areas of law where Bennett & Pressley can assist.  Please contact us for an assessment of whether we can help with your matter and to obtain time and fee estimates.

Wills, Trusts & Estates

  • Prepare simple and complex wills and trusts
  • Probate wills or file for administration of intestate estates
  • Representation of estate personal representatives
  • Representation of trustees

Government Matters

  • Analyze and advise re government procurements by request for proposal
  • Assist with local government approvals (rezoning, development plans)

Intellectual Property

  • Contracts, ownership and licensing of software and other IP
  • Nondisclosure & confidentiality agreements

Real Estate

  • Commercial and residential leases and sale contracts
  • Prepare/Review/Correct deeds, liens, easements
  • Loan and purchase/sale closings, escrows, and title insurance
  • Subdivisions & Horizontal Property Regimes; HOA's
  • Complex commercial transactions
  • Title Insurance
  • Chain of Title Problem Resolutions

Corporate & Business Law

  • Formation of entities of all types
  • ​Purchases and sales or mergers of businesses
  • Management of legal liability risks
  • Contracts, bids, business plans and internal HR plans