Denny Bennett and Nixon Pressley are Tennessee licensed title insurance agents and appointed agents for Stewart Title Guaranty Company, the US' predominant issuer of title insurance policies for residential, commercial, and lender title protection. Title insurance policies are issued through Lawyer's Escrow Service, Inc. with which they are affiliated.

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Our firm is affiliated with Lawyer's Escrow Service, Inc., a pre-eminent real estate closing, escrow, and title insurance  firm in Nashville and Mt. Juliet. Through this affiliation, these firms offer the full range of real estate legal, closing, escrow and title services. ​Lawyer's Escrow Service has been certified as compliant with the 7 pillars of ALTA Best Practices, which ensures business processes and protections in place to minimize risks related to financial and data security.

Our firm specializes in real estate law and transactions, helping large and small businesses with all aspects of their legal concerns, and in wills, trusts and estates. Because we are well versed and highly experienced in these areas of the law, we know exactly what it takes to help clients in all these areas that are so key to businesses and individuals.  We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our clients, and that their legal needs are met timely and competently. 

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